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Proud Mom

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Proud MomWow! I can’t believe my son Riley will be graduating from high school soon! Where did the time go? He can’t be that old? I can’t be that old! (LOL!) I’m trying to savor every last moment of his senior year. We had a big one recently! Riley’s a good student. He’s one of those kids who loves to learn. He wants to be a teacher one day. This, being his last year, Bob and I stressed the importance of finishing strong. No slacking, no “senioritis”! Well, guess what? It must have sunk in! Academic HonorsGo figure! High honors! We’ve been to the academic awards ceremony before but this one was different! It’s the last one. Thank goodness I came prepared with tissues! I’m not sure how I’m going to get through his graduation ceremony. Yikes! This is tough! Any advice? Please share!

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  1. Jean Halloran says:

    Hi Amy – are you going to have Riley on your show doing some healthy college/dorm cooking etc.??? We’d all like to “meet” him!

    1. He’s a teenager Jean and prefers to stay behind the scenes. He’s been on a few times though. -Amy