Making Muffins in Milwaukee

Muffins in Milwaukee

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Brrr! It’s finally really feeling like winter in Wisconsin! Cold cereal just doesn’t cut it in this weather. What about some nice warm muffins! I was on WITI’s Fox 6 Wakeup show this week. I made a basic muffin mix. They loved it! Got flour, eggs, oil, and a few other things in your pantry? You’re in business. When the kids are craving muffins or something sweet I can just stay in my jammies and whip up a batch of these. No need to run out to the grocery store to get a boxed mix. You can throw all sorts of fun ingredients in there to make them different every time. We usually have chocolate chips on hand so throw a cup of those in the batter and watch the kids light up! Dried cranberries and orange zest is my favorite! Bob likes diced apples and cinnamon. Use the mix as a guide and then make them your way. Warm out of the oven with a little butter and life is good! Here’s the basic mix recipe. Enjoy! What would you mix in? Come on. Get creative!

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