Laughing Out Loud at the Library!

Laughing Out Loud

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I love to read and I love going to the library. I really do! When you think library, you think quiet, right? Not the Gillett Public Library in Gillett, Wisconsin! It’s anything but! The librarians in Gillett know how to have a good time and make the library fun! I was there putting on a cooking class. What a hoot! The nicest people! A lot of laughs! And, the questions they asked! Too funny! No, my trifle dish isn’t a margarita glass, but it could be I guess. Yes, if you keep it away from the kids, you could put a little orange or raspberry liqueur in my All-American Berry Trifle. Besides the trifle we made my Strawberry Spinach Salad, and my grandmother, Mimi’s, famous Crab Dip. That recipe’s in the cookbook and if you keep checking my website, I promise to post it soon as a tribute to her. It was one year ago this month that Mimi passed away. My whole family is gathering up in Michigan this weekend to celebrate her life. Hope I can get through it without shedding too many tears. So many great memories and recipes! Anyway, thanks, Gillett! What fun! I hope to come back for your big apple celebration this fall. See, libraries aren’t boring anymore! Talk to your library and have them contact The Cooking Mom. I’d love to share my secrets, recipes, and stories with your community too.

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  1. Kay Rankel says:

    Amy, we loved having you at our library in Gillett, and would love to have you back for our CIDER DAZE FEST in September. We have a wonderful community and it was great having you!!! Yummmm….