A Haircut I’ll Never Forget!

A Haircut- Ill Never Forget

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A Haircut- Ill Never ForgetMy 13-year old daughter, Ireland has been wanting to do it for a while now.  Her friend, Mary Kate, did it two years ago. That’s when Ireland decided she needed to do it too!  So, she went two years without even a trim.  If you’ve ever had long hair, you know that means a lot of shampoo and conditioner plus a ton of tangles too! Yes, it’s beautiful but, long hair is a lot of work .

A-Haircut-Ill-Never-Forget-2This summer, after Ireland’s hair was nice and long, I talked to my hero of a hair and stylist, Josif Wittnik, of Salon CTI in Appleton.  I told him Ireland really wanted to do this. Then, before I knew it, it was really happening. He worked his magic and found a little girl who will soon be in need of a wig.  The kicker.  Her name is Ireland! She is 9 years old and lives near us.  Wow! This was meant to be!  Little Ireland has a tumor near her eye.  An upcoming  surgery will require that her head be shaved.  The two girls met for the first time this week.  It was magical.  They hit it off right away.  My Ireland is the only girl in her family.  Little Ireland is the only girl in her family of 5 too.

A-Haircut-Ill-Never-Forget-3My Ireland was a bit nervous on the drive to the salon.   All of a sudden I watched as the nerves disappeared .  The scissors came out. Little Ireland helped hold my Ireland’s hair as the cutting took place.  In seconds her long locks were cut off.   Dueling blow dryers, a little curling, and it was done.   A short, sassy, new cut for my Ireland.  She was all smiles! Plus, enough blonde hair to make a beautiful wig for the other Ireland.   Even more special, a new friendship between two little girls who had never met before, but now have a very special very bond.  Just writing this story brings tears to my eyes. I’m so blessed to have experienced this! My Ireland feels the same! We can’t wait for the two girls to meet again soon!  Our thoughts and prayers are with our new friend, Ireland, and her family as she goes through the next few months. I’ll keep you posted and will let you know when both girls meet again, and when the wig is done. I think they both have a sister now!  Pretty powerful, cool stuff don’t you think!  And, what do you think of Ireland’s new do?



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  1. Traci Briggs says:

    What a heartwarming story! Both Irelands have been touched in a way that only can create a bond of a lifetime. Thanks for all you share. And, I can’t wait to get my new cookbook!!

  2. You must be so proud of your daughter. She looks beautiful with her new haircut. Wishing little Ireland and her family prayers for the journey that they will be facing.

  3. What a beautiful story. You must be so proud of your daughter. She looks so beautiful with her new haircut. Wishing little Ireland and her family many prayers during this long journey she will be facing.

  4. Sue Smith says:

    My granddaughter Allison who turns 13 today did that for Locks of Love two times and she is growing it again ,she said it was a great thing to do.

  5. Charlotte Serazio says:

    Wow, this was a win, win situation all around. Ireland looks like a nice young woman with her new haircut, so grown up now….what a transformation! This whole story was beautiful and somewhat serendipitous! My best wishes to the other Ireland on a most successful surgery and recovery! You are all to be commended for thinking beyond yourselves and thinking of others!

  6. Wow she looks just like her mommy. I had tears also reading your story. I am a cancer survivor so know about the whole wig thing. You must be very proud of your daughter and what a good mom she has! Way to go!

  7. cheryl bjorklund says:

    So proud of Ireland! You have an amazing daughter and I know Mackensi loves dancing and spending time with Ireland!!!

  8. Lisa Andrews says:

    She looks beautiful! My 7 year old daughter loves Ireland, as we’ve been watching since your show started. We talked about her kindness and generosity and it left an impression for sure, what a great example for other girls. (I DVR the show so she was also very happy to see the Honey Princess who visited her school last week). Congrats on the new cookbook; since my girls have been watching since they were little, they want to come to a signing with me! 🙂

  9. What a wonderful story. My 10 year old daughter, who’s name is also Ireland
    is growing her hair out as well so she can donate it. How were you able to find someone to donate the hair to? I think it would make the process so much more
    special for her if we could do the same thing!

  10. Connie Wittmann says:

    This is such an inspiring story! Ireland looks sooo grown up with her new haircut and little Ireland looks sooo happy!! I can’t tell you how heartwarming it was to watch this on GDW yesterday. My heartfelt prayers go out to little Ireland for a successful surgery and quick recovery. I believe that both Irelands will be lifelong friends from this bonding experience! Amy~you must be one proud Mama 🙂