Decking the Halls!

Decking the Halls

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Yes! It’s done!!! Our Christmas tree is up! And, it hasn’t fallen down! Yikes, I’ll never forget last year! That was crazy! The whole tree fell over! And, it was fully decorated with the lights and ornaments. Yikes!

This year, things went pretty well! We even got busy and put the tree up early this year so we could enjoy it a little longer. Ireland loves helping. So, does Levi, the dog as you can see! (LOL) Yes, we had some problems with the lights. Seems like every year we line up all the light strands to test them. Then, when we get the lights up on the tree, half of the strands don’t work. You too? Hate that! Oh, well. A trip to the store to get more lights. And yes, we had a few broken ornaments too, but no biggee! Decking the Halls 2I’m just thrilled the job is done! It’s so fun to come home after a long day, turn on the Christmas music and sit and relax in front of the beautifully lit tree. When the holidays get hectic, it’s my way to take a breath and enjoy the beauty of the season! I really do love this time of year! Did you have any Christmas tree disaster stories this year or in years past? Please share! It sure wasn’t funny then, but I love laughing out our tree falling down last year!

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