Honey of a Latte!

Honey of a Latte

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I found another amazing cup of Jo! I was in Milwaukee doing some recipes on TV and I had a break in between my spots. One of the news anchors told me about her favorite coffee house and I just had to go! It’s called Colectivo Coffee. There are a few of them in the Milwaukee area. I went to the one in Bay Shore Town Center.

Colectivo Coffee

It was a gorgeous fall day so, I thought why not sit outside. They have a nice little patio. Great people watching! Now, what to order? I was greeted by some seriously good looking pastries! Scones, muffins, bagels, and heavenly looking croissants! It’s an added bonus when a coffee shop has wonderful pastries! Don’t you agree? So, I just had to have an almond croissant. My FAVE! They even warmed it up! Even better!

Colectivo Coffee Pastries

Now, this is a coffee blog — enough about the croissant. Time to talk coffee. Fall was in the air, so I went with their honey latte. The barista recommended it. She was right. Espresso, steamed milk, with a touch of honey to sweeten it. Absolutely delish! Gorgeous too with a fall leaf on top. Latte art! Love it! How do they do that? I’ll never know.

Colectivo Coffee Barista

Anyway, if you’re in Milwaukee and need some java, stop on in. I think you’ll dig it! And, if you have any good places, I need to try, please share! Share your best coffee pictures too! I’m always looking for that next great cup! So, check back soon to see what I find!

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