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The morning started out pretty much like any other. It’s winter, it’s cold, and I need my coffee. Coffee in hand, I’m off to face the day. Into work I go. There I am in the studio kitchen, prepping for my show and in walk two really handsome men. We’re talking hot! Wait! I think I recognize these guys. Could it be? I grew up watching All My Children. Who didn’t? Yes, it was them. Walt Willey and Vincent Irizarry were in my kitchen. They were hungry too, so they even nibbled on some of my food. They gave my Bacon Beer Dip a thumbs up! The soap stars were in Wisconsin doing a meet and greet with fans in several different cities. They were being interviewed on our morning news show, Good Day Wisconsin. They were both super friendly! And handsome! Oh yeah, I think I already mentioned that. What a cool way to start the day! I guess you never know what the day holds! Did you watch All My Children too? Who was your favorite? Do you miss it? Can’t believe it’s not on anymore!

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  1. I can’t believe, they’re taking all the soaps off. Sad to see.
    You sure were lucky, Amy!!

  2. The Jenny Gardner & Greg Nelson Storyline from back in the 80’s.. they were my favorite storyline and characters.

  3. joan juchemich says:

    i remember vincent from years ago on the guiding light! He played Lujack!

  4. Shelley Baumann says:

    Yes, I remember them,too…very handsome!!!! I received your cookbook for Christmas….anxious to see when you’re in the Fox Cities again for a book signing!

  5. loved the young love of Angie and Jesse & Greg and Jenny…also LOVED Palmer 😉