Eggscellent Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

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When my 11-year-old daughter, Ireland asked me if we were going to dye Easter eggs this year, I was so excited! YOU BET! As long as she wants to do it, I’m in! We went right out to the store to buy the egg dying kit. I offered to buy one of the fancier ones but nope, she went with the stuff we’ve been using for years. Just those tablets, a little vinegar, and some plastic cups and we were ready to roll. Oh, yeah, and the eggs too. Here’s my tip for cooking perfect hard boiled eggs. Place eggs in a pan. Fill pan with water. Bring to a boil and immediately turn off the heat. Let the eggs sit in the hot water for exactly 13 minutes. Then drain the hot water and fill the pan with cold water. Perfect every time! As far as the egg dying goes, it was a blast! I hope Ireland never grows out of it. Can’t wait to do it again next year! Happy Easter! Wondering what to do with all those Easter eggs, refrigerate them and after Easter make my Bacon ‘n Egg Salad Sandwiches.

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  1. I absolutely Love the bright vibrant egg dye colors ! I was wondering what kind did you and Ireland use?

    A very Blessed and Joyous Eater to you and your family, Amy.

    God Bless,

    1. mi bad…… EASTER, not Eater. lol

    2. Hi Tammy,
      It was a just a Dudley Dye kit with the tablets I picked up at Target. Really cheap, $1.49. I was impressed too! Nice and bright eggs! Happ Easter!

    3. Ireland thought they were amazing too! The brand we bought was Dudley. Its just an inexpensive brand I picked up at Target! They turned about really vivid!