Fun at the Harbor Springs Farmers Market

Harbor Springs Farmers Market

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I love to shop! Forget the mall. My favorite place to shop is the farmers market! It’s full of surprises! You never know what’s going to be there. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt. And, this week I found lots of gems!

One of my favorite farmers markets is in the little town of Harbor Springs, Michigan. Have you ever been there? I was born up there and my family has been going there for years. We just love it! Downtown Harbor Springs is a such cute little place! Twice a week in the summer, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, they close down the street for a big farmers market.

After a coffee at my favorite little spot, it’s time to get down to business. First, I take a stroll through the market.
Harbor Springs Farmers Market

You know, see what everybody’s got. Then, I decide what I want and go back to get it. Look at these Michigan Blueberries! They are huge!

Michigan Blueberries
Oh yeah! I need a few cartons of these beauties! I’m dreaming of making my Blueberry Layered Dessert, Grilled Chicken and Berry Salad, and my Best Ever Blueberry Muffins too!

Look at these gorgeous carrots! Unlike those baby carrots in the bag, they actually taste like carrots! You know what I mean?
Carrots and Radishes

These basil plants smelled amazing!
Fresh Basil

I love treating myself to a big bouquet or two of flowers. You just gotta do that once in a while!
Flowers at Farmers Market

Flowers at Market

I love this farmers market because besides produce they have a lot of different things too. Here’s my daughter Ireland with her little friends, Keegan and Maggie, admiring these amazing bright colored yarns. Makes me want to learn to knit.
Looking at Yarn

Jams and Jellies at the Farmers Market

And, they even have live music! What a special treat!
Music at Market

I can’t wait to see what’s at the market this weekend. I’m hoping for tomatoes and sweet corn soon! You can always see what I’m up to on Facebook and Instagram. Follow me!

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