Soaking up the Sun

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WOW! Here in the Midwest, it seems like we’re having the best weather of the whole summer this month! It’s perfect! Not too hot, not to cool, not muggy! Just the way I like it! My dog, Levi, is lovin’ it too! It means more long walks for him! His FAVE! He also gets to lay back and soak up the sun the front yard.

Now, that he’s a senior, 12 years-old, we don’t worry about him taking off. He just hangs out and watches the people go by. I swear I’ve caught him smiling out there. He doesn’t swim much anymore but he loves to go for a dip in Lake Michigan. Can’t you tell? I think he knows that these days aren’t going to be around much longer so, like us, he’s enjoying every minute of it. Hope you are too!

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