Feelin’ Fall

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Sometimes you just have to say, okay let’s do it! It was Thursday night. We checked our calendars. There was nothing keeping us in town. Trust me, that’s pretty rare these days. So, why not? Let’s skip town and head up north to the cottage. So, we did! We hopped in the car Friday and got up to Michigan just in time to catch a fish fry at our favorite little place. All you can eat hand battered cod with homemade tartar sauce, coleslaw, and French fries. Doesn’t get much better than that!

The cottage was a little chilly but we cranked the furnace and turned on the electric blankets and were warmed up and fast asleep in no time. We woke up to a Saturday with no set plans. Aren’t those the best days? Coffee and doughnuts from our favorite coffee shop and bakery and a 2 hour walk with our dog Levi. As you can see, Levi was lovin’ life! He even took a quick dip in the water. The weather was perfect! Lake Michigan was like glass. The town was so quiet, totally different from the hustle and bustle of summer. It was pure heaven! What’s your favorite thing to do this time of year?

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  1. Your weekend sounds heavenly. This time of year my favorite thing to do is start planning! What will I make for Thanksgiving….I start looking through 20 different cook books or I visit different cooking websites. I even buy those Better Home and Garden mini recipe magazines at the checkout that have Thanksgiving food on its cover. I love to try different types of warm drinks. I love the house to smell like a combination of pumpkin spice or apple cider so I visit the Bath and Body Shop looking for new Fall plug-in scents. I love to attend the Oshkosh and Appleton Holiday Parades. Everyone is happy and excited in the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. Oshkosh Holiday Parade is a week away already! As I wind down with my apple recipes I start making different foods with pumpkin. Ahhh….I LOVE this time of year. 🙂