What a Mess!

What a Mess

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What a MessWe heard a big thud. Oh, no! What was that? The sound came from our mudroom area. Look what we found when we opened the laundry room door! SURPRISE! One HUGE mess! Can you guess what happened? Looks like someone left the laundry detergent on top of the wash machine. Okay, it could have been me. Who knows? Anyway, that washing machine must have really decided to shake it’s booty. It shook the brand new large container of detergent right off and on to the floor, cracking the top off. Yikes! Blue, goo everywhere. Thank goodness for squeegees! Have you ever had this happen before? Lesson learned! I’ll never leave the soap on the washing machine again! Looking back I can laugh. I sure wasn’t laughing then! I guess you can’t sweat the small stuff. Plus, I now have a really clean laundry room floor! LOL!!!

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  1. Jill Peterson says:

    We have the same washer/dryer.. last night we heard a crash too…it was a bunch of hangers that had fallen off and onto the floor. Those machines are working hard!!! I love that you can laugh about it!!