Sandwich Skewers

Sandwich Skewers

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French bread, cubed
Thin slices of deli ham and turkey or your favorite
Thin slices of your favorite cheeses
Cherry or grape tomatoes
Pieces of lettuce
Wooden skewers

Thread skewers with bread, deli meat, cheese and vegetables in whatever order you like.

These are great for picnics or parties. They look so cute! They are also great for kids lunches! They can make their own sandwiches! Instead of French bread you can also use regular sandwich spread. Use cookie cutters to cut the bread, cheese, and lunchmeat into fun shapes like stars. You can use other veggies too like cucumber slices, olives, and even fruit too like grapes! If you are worried about the sharp skewer ends you can thread these on wooden popsicle sticks or lollipop sticks available at craft stores. You can even make mini skewers threading these on thin pretzel sticks. What fun!

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