Picking Apples!

Picking Apples

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Look what we did! We do it every fall. My daughter, Ireland, loves going out to an apple orchard. Okay, me too! It’s so fun! We actually have a beautiful apple orchard right near where we live. You can pick your own apples at the Oneida orchard and we always seem to pick way too many! I love going into the orchard store after we’re done. We warm up with hot apple cider and pick up a gallon to take home. Now, I’ve got more apples than I know what to do with! LOL! Ireland and I plan to cook up some memories this weekend and make her favorite Caramel Apple Dip. Maybe some Slow Cooker Apple Oatmeal too! Have you picked apples this season? If so, where? Do you have any good apple recipes? Please share!
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  1. Ok…yes I am the father of ireland…and yes I maybe I am a “slight” bit biased, but there is nothing cooler then watching a child in an apple orchard running for each apple to pick one bigger than the next. At least they think they got the biggest one. Fall for me is a time to reflect on many things good and the apple picking experience is definitely one of those things. Love you ireland. Dad