Up, Up, and Away!

Up, Up and Away

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Up, Up and AwayIt’s been one adventure filled spring break! Guess what we found? A ski lift in Jamaica! No snow or skiing here, though. Instead this chair lift takes you on a nice, long ride through the jungle. It’s spectacular!

Cruise ship in Jamaica 2012Flowers, birds, the ocean below! WOW! When you get to the top, you can chill out and relax at the restaurant (that was my hope), swim in the infinity pool, shop in the gift shop, or get seriously adventurous! You only live once, right? Wait ’til you see what we did! Check back soon, to find out. This is worth waiting for! I still can’t believe I did it!

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  1. Adventures continue-great!

  2. What’s the name of the tour? We are going in september. Staying at sandals. We would love to do that!