Zippin’ Through The Trees!

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Zippin Though the TreesYep, that’s me! What was I thinking? We were on vacation in Jamaica and the kids really wanted to. Bob and I, not so much. I did it a few years ago, it’s no big deal, I can do this again, right? But, this is high up! Really, high up! Zipling through trees in the jungle. Yikes! Next thing I knew the whole family was all geared up. Too late now! I was a nervous wreck on the platform before my first zip! It’s time. I take my leap and go flying through the air. Please, oh please may the guide be there to stop me before I crash into the tree at the end of the line.

All Geared UpYes! He was! I did it! 4 more zips to go. I can do this! 3 zips down. One to go. NO WAY! They failed to mention a 50 foot drop straight down that we would all have make before that last zip. Are you kidding me. I was doing so well! Well, now or never. I took my jump down and screamed the whole way. No sky diving for me. That’s for sure. This was enough. But, I survived! I have to admit, it was really fun! I felt like a kid again! Would you do it?

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  1. Noreen Erdman says:

    My hubby and I went ziplining for the first time 3 years ago in the rainforest in Belize with 5 platforms (above the tree tops) and a rappel at the end. My hubby thought I would “scream like a little girl,” but I LOVED IT! The adrenaline rush was great! It’s fun to do something you think you are too scared to do!