Cooler Corn on the Cob

Cooler Corn on the Cob

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Corn on the cob
Boiling water (at least 2 quarts of boiling water per dozen ears of corn)

Husk and clean all the corn. Place in the bottom of a very clean large insulated picnic cooler.
Pour the boiling water over the corn. Close the lid and let set for 20 minutes.
Drain the water out.

Corn will keep warm for about an hour. Serve with lots of butter, salt and pepper or make some of my flavored butters like Cilantro Lime Butter, Basil Parmesan Butter, or Lemon Basil Butter.

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  1. I’m wondering about the same thing as the other 2 comments…safety issue of boiling water in plastic cooler. Will watch for an answer from Amy before trying.

    1. Amy Hanten says:

      Hi Lorraine. I haven’t had any issue with cooking the corn in the cooler. It works great! If you are concerned about it you could boil the corn on the stove and keep it warm in the cooler. Thanks! -Amy

  2. Is it ok to pour boiling water in those plastic insulated coolers? Or do you mean a different kind of cooler?

    1. Salty one says:

      I too,would be concerned about what is in the plastic that is now in my food. Coolers are not food grade plastic.