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Riley's Senior MomentWow! I can’t believe my son, Riley (the one in the striped shirt) is a senior in high school! Seems like just yesterday that they handed him to me in the hospital and now, we’re looking at colleges. Where did the time go? I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed at some of his senior year moments. He’s a runner so, we took lots of extra pictures at his cross country meets this fall. At every meet I thought, wow this is one of his last high school races.

Riley's Senior Moment SpeechWe just attended his end of the season cross country banquet. Again, his last one. What fun! To watch these high school kids grow and mature is pretty cool! I was so proud when he got up to make a speech! Go Riley! I know we’ve still got lots more special moments to come this senior year and I plan to enjoy every one of them! I’ll be the one with a camera and lots of tissues. Any advice?

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  1. My son Keegan is only a week or so older than your Riley but he was a senior last year. Every soccer game gave me the same thoughts as you…we’re winding down. Senior night was tough (on me) and the last game was really hard (on me) as was the end of season banquet. There were so many “last ones” all year long. Do just as you are and enjoy every one of these senior year memories. Keep the camera and tissues very close!