Monogrammed Coffee!

Pierrot Gourmet Monogrammed Coffee

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We were in Chicago and we passed by a little place that caught my eye. It was a beautiful fall day and people were sitting outside enjoying coffee.

Pierrot Gourmet

It was calling my name. I had to stop in. Good decision! One look at the gorgeous display of pastries and I knew I was in for a treat! The place is called Pierrot Gourmet.

Pierrot Gourmet - Pasteries

It may be just a few blocks away from busy Michigan Avenue but it feels more like you’re at a little café in Europe.

Pierrot Gourmet - Sidewalk

And, the coffee! Well, let’s just say it was definitely worth blogging about! I love it when the barista surprises me when fun latte art! Well, this time I was really wowed! I’ve heard of monogrammed towels and sheets. In fact, I love them both! But, monogrammed coffee? Yep, my latte had the cafe’s initials P. G. on top. How cool! To go with my coffee I just had to order one of their homemade croissants. Let’s see, plain, chocolate, or wait, almond! My favorite! They even warm them up. Pure heaven!

Pierrot Gourmet - Croissant

So, if you’re in Chicago, you need to come here from a cup of jo and a pastry too! If you can’t get to France, it’s the next best thing! I can’t wait to come back! What’s your favorite place for coffee? Tell me all about it and email me a picture too! I’m always looking for that next best cup! Check back soon to see what I find!

Pierrot Gourmet Sign

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