Make a Super Stadium!

Make a Super Stadium

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We love football here in Wisconsin! I love hanging out with family and friends to watch the big game! All week long I’m thinking about what to make for my game day spread. I love to “WOW” everybody! Who doesn’t? I also love recipes and ideas that won’t keep me in the kitchen the whole game! I want to be part of the party too!

For the Super Bowl I go all out! Why not look like a total rock star and put together my Stadium Snack Platter! It’s so cute and so easy! I was just on Twin Cities Live putting one together. Click here to watch.

Trust me! You can do this! I started with a large tray.You can use a jelly roll pan too.Then I spread guacamole on top of it. I put sour cream in a piping bag to pipe the lines on the field. The goal posts are made with beef sticks secured with wooden skewers. Put big chunks of cheese in the end zones and stick your goal posts in them. That way they’ll stand up straight.

I cut the beef sticks in 1 inch pieces and place them on the field to look like players. There should be 11 players on each side. Then it’s official! LOL! Top the beef sticks with two different colored small pieces of cheese to look like helmets. If you really want to go crazy, you can surround your tray with Twinkies, that are also secured with wooden skewers.

Then fill in the platter with extra cheese and sausage, maybe some chips too! Serve with big bowls of chips, pretzels, and crackers for dipping. GO TEAM! I’m not sure who I’m rooting for this Super Bowl but I’m hoping for a great game and some really great commercials too!

Hey, I want to see your stadium! If you make one, take a picture and email it to me! Have fun!

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