Goodbye Jamaica

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It’s been about 5 years since my family had a real vacation. We kept putting it off. Boy, did we need it! It was wonderful! Thanks for all the guesses! Yes. We’ve been in Jamaica for a week. We decided to rent a house or a villa as they call them in Jamaica. Every day was a day I’ll never forget! This place is beautiful, quiet, and just what we needed! And, no it wasn’t super expensive! The villa comes with a cook.  So, “The Cooking Mom” really had a vacation. No cooking for me!  I did help plan the menu everyday. I just couldn’t help myself. I can’t wait to share the recipes I learned from our cook, Hyacinth. Her warm banana bread was amazing! Her jerk chicken was out of this world! It’s been a great week but we miss the dog and it’s time to come home! We’ll be back to Silver Sands and the Quadrille Villa! You need to come here too!

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  1. So glad you had a great time! We went there on our honeymoon 12 years ago. Beautiful place! Great to see your whole family, too. Can’t wait to hear the jerk chicken recipe! When do new shows start again?

  2. sandy Delzer says:

    I want to pack by bags and go. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I can smell the warm banana bread. Please share the recipe. I always wanted to go to Jamaica. Maybe by next vacation.

    1. Oh Sandy, it really was a wonderful vacation. You must go. Don’t worry I love to share recipes.