Amy’s Frying Tips & Secrets

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  • Avoid crowding food that is deep-fried. If you add too much food to a small amount of oil, the temperature will fall, and the food will wind up greasy and soggy.
  • Use canola oil for frying. It is low in saturated fat, has a high burning point, and does not detract from the flavor of the food you are frying.
  • When deep-frying, never fill the pot more than halfway with oil. This will prevent bubbling over when the food is added.
  • If you are deep frying, the oil must reach a temperature between 350F and 375F degrees to brown the food’s exterior quickly while cooking it.
  • Let raw potatoes stand in cold water for at least half an hour before frying to improve the crispness of french-fried potatoes.
  • Drain deep-fried foods on brown paper grocery bags as opposed to paper towels to retain crispness.

I’ll be adding more tips to this page over time! If you’re craving some easy breezy recipes, here are a few amazing recipes to fry up:

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