Football Field Cake

Football Field Cake

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1 box (18.25 ounces) cake mix, any flavor, baked in 9 x 13 inch pan according to pkg. directions
2 cans vanilla frosting
Green food coloring, and another color of your choice for end zones
6 pretzel sticks
22 Peanut M & M ‘s
2 Hershey’s hugs
1 chocolate football candy or 1 plastic football cupcake pick

Color 1 can of frosting green. Reserve 1/3 cup of frosting to remain white and put into a piping bag. Color remaining frosting your choice of end zone color. Spread green frosting evenly over cooled cake. Create end zones with your second color of frosting after letting first layer set for about 20 minutes.

Pipe on yard lines. Use frosting and 3 pretzels to construct each “goal post”; stick a goal post in each end zone. Arrange M & M “players”, Hugs “refs”, and then add football of your choice. Pipe team names in end zones, or simply, Home and Away.

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