Touring East Coast Colleges

Boston University Tour

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I just got back from a trip with my daughter Ireland that I’ll never forget! She’s a senior in high school. So, its crunch time. Time to decide where she’d like to go to college. She’s always loved New York City. She spent most of her last 3 summers at a performing arts summer camp in New York. So, we decided to take a monster college tour out east. It was amazing! First stop NYC. So far we’ve toured NYU, Columbia, Fordham, Marymount Manhattan, and PACE University. It was crazy busy but we did manage to squeeze in some fun!

Fordham College

Ireland loves the theater. Me too! We saw this year’s Tony Award winning play The Humans. It was powerful!

Humans on Broadway

We had some amazing food too! We ate at a hole in the wall Thai restaurant that came highly recommended. It was so good that we went back a second time! Ireland just had to have a bowl of her favorite, Matzo ball soup! So good!

Matzo Ball Soup

And, how could I walk by a bakery called Amy’s Bread without stopping? Yummy cupcakes and more!

Amy's Bread

Amy's Bread Cupcakes

From New York we went to Penn station and hopped on a train to Boston. It was our first time there. Talk about a fun town! And, as you can see fall is a spectacular time to visit! We toured Boston University, Emerson, and Boston College.

Amy and Ireland at Boston Train Station

Boston University TourBostonUniversity2.JPG

Boston University Tour

Fun fact. Did you know Boston has more than 50 colleges and Universities with more than 250 thousand college students? They’ve also got some killer clam chowder. Or as they call it in Boston, “Chowdah”. LOL! Whatever you want to call it, it was delicious.

Joe's Chowder

I had few bowls, from a few different places. My favorite was from a place called Joe’s. Super good! We had some lovely lobster bisque at City Table too! It was so good I wanted to lick the bowl. And, the Irish in me had to find a good Irish pub with live music. Mr. Dooley’s was loads of fun. The fish and chips were some of the best I’ve ever had.

Mr. Dooley's

Fish and Chips

One of the things we loved about Boston besides the beautiful fall colors and scenery were the people. Everybody was so friendly! One morning Ireland woke up with a slight cold and sore throat. I went down to the Lenox Hotel lobby in search of hot tea and chicken soup. The great staff at the Lenox actually offered to have the chef make her some. I said, no don’t worry about it. Next thing I know my hotel phone rang. The chef had her soup ready. WOW! How cool was that?

Ireland and Amy at the Lenox Hotel

Let’s just say, even if Ireland doesn’t go to school in Boston, I’ll be back! Back to the Lenox Hotel and back to the East Coast in fall! What a great trip!

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  1. gloria schulten says:

    how nice it made me feel i was there i have always wanted to go.

    1. Amy Hanten says:

      Thanks Gloria! It was a great trip! -Amy