Gettin’ Wet in the Dells

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We just got back from a few days in the Wisconsin Dells. It was like 100 degrees, hot and muggy when we got there and that night the temperature dropped about 40 degrees. Brrr! Oh well! We headed to the outlet mall to buy sweatshirts and managed to have a ton of fun anyway! Thank goodness for indoor waterparks!

Finally, Sunday morning the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day. So, why not take a boat ride. We’ve done the Ducks boat tour, so why not get a little wild! We decided to go on a jet boat. What a blast! Here’s Bob and I before the boat really took off. I’m not showing you what we looked like after the ride! These things go fast! Really fast! It’s kind of like a roller coaster on the water. They do 360 degree spins. And, did I mention that you get a little wet along the way! Okay, maybe a lot wet. Tons of fun and we saw some gorgeous scenery! Bald eagles and beautiful cliffs. So, what’s a little water? Ever been on a jet boat? If not you should try it!

Check back tomorrow to see what Ireland tried for the first time! I’d never heard of it before? Any guesses?

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  1. My theory is if you’re not afraid to get wet in the shower, you shouldn’t be afraid to get wet in the rain or lake~~:)