Dog Wash!

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He just hates it! Can’t you tell? And, the minute I grab the shampoo he knows! Sorry, buddy you smell! Out comes the hose and in goes some cotton in his ears. He gets bad ear infections so we need to keep water out of his ears. Yep, it’s bath time, Levi! When, Levi gets a bath, I get a bath too! Water everywhere and then when he shakes, back up! Time to towel off and let this wet dog and me dry a bit. We’re done, buddy! See, it wasn’t that bad. And, you smell so good! Nothing better than a clean-smelling, handsome dog! Does your dog hate bath time too?

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  1. Our 90 lb Chocolate Lab Gus dislikes any kind of water….lake and for sure the the hose and tub.. We take him over to Doggy Day Spa in Neenah..Jen over there is awesome!! Gus smells sooo good afterwards and looks so handsome with the bandana she puts on him…first game i gave Gus a bath i got more wet than him..since then off to the official dog washers he has gone. He just turned 10 and we rescued him when he was 3 so i can relate to your Levi stories so well….

  2. Oh I forgot to mention …I saw you on Ch6 out of Milwaukee yesterday morning (Aug 3rd) and I’m going to try your chicken salad…. 🙂

  3. I hope you don’t bathe him with ice cold hose water !?
    I bathe my dogs in the bath tub with tempid water, and I have an extra long hose on my hand held shower.
    My dogs do very well, not saying they run to the bathroom and jump in the tub (I wish) but they are well behaved in the tub.
    I have a 3.5 pound Chihuahua and a 18lb Schipperke. The Chi, I could dunk like a tea bag LOL….. I say she’s wash and wear ! They are my loves .

    1. Hi Serena. Don’t worry the water we use isn’t too cold. Levi is 100 pounds and too big for the tub. We take him to the groomer when it’s cold but, in summer we wash him outside. It’s a blast and he’s our LOVE!

      1. Hi Amy, They do become a member of the family ….don’t they? 🙂
        I’m sure he love’s the attention….don’t they all. He does look like he could be a handful for the tub ! LOL
        Where I live….we have dog washes….you take your dog there and you do the work, but, they provide the place to wash them big or small. Do you know if they have something like that near you.? I’ve never used one my self but I have friends with big dogs that swear by the places.