Dance-tastic at State!


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Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be a “Dance Mom”.

My son Riley was into soccer, basketball, and cross-country. Then, came my daughter, Ireland. She was dancing before she took her first step. When she was little she danced around the house all the time. She still does!

Dance Team 2014

She joined the high school dance team this year. In the team picture she’s the blond in the top row 4th from right. She’s been having a blast! The team took 2nd place at regionals two weeks ago and qualified for state. Too cool! She and the team were so excited! Friday they had a big send-off at school. The whole school gathered in the high school gym to say good bye and good luck.


Then, the team boarded a big bus and off they went.

Dance-tastic at State - Bus

The parents all sent them with lots of snacks and magazines to keep them busy on the 4 hour drive from Green Bay to La Crosse, WI. Then, it was time to shine! And, they did! They danced their hearts out and took 5th place out of the 15 teams competing in their division! Go NDA Tritons!

Ireland is a Freshman so this was all new to her. Let’s just say she was one tired and hungry puppy when she got home! We’re so proud of her and the team and coaches! Now, it’s back to cheering at the school basketball games! You’ll find me in the stands most Friday nights, a proud dance mom, cheering on my dancing bear!

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