Oh Deer!

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My daughter Ireland runs downstairs screaming, “Mom, Mom!”  She said you won’t believe what’s outside on the lawn.  It was about 7pm and okay, I admit it, I was in my jammies.  Really?  I need to go outside now?  OKAY, OKAY! I’m coming. Let me at least put some sweats on.  And, there it was!  The cutest little fawn.  It looked  like it had just been born not long ago. It could barely walk.  Ireland, my total animal lover,  was very concerned. “Where’s it’s mom?”  I told her not to worry, like all good moms,  mom would be back. So we took some pictures and went inside to leave it alone.  I confess, I was kind of worried too! What are we going to do with it if mom doesn’t come back? Then, the next morning our little friend was gone.  It sure was cool to have a little nature in the city!  Guess mom came back for her bambi or at least I hope so.  Something like this ever happen to you?


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  1. Susan Moeller says:

    OMG – that is so precious. I’m so glad that Ireland saw it when she did and you got to take a picture of it to post so we could all see and enjoy. The beauty of mother nature.