The Pioneer Woman and Me!

The Pioneer Woman and Me

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The Pioneer Woman and MeHave you ever really, really, really wanted to meet someone? For me that someone isn’t a big Hollywood movie celebrity. Or a superstar athlete. But, I have to say, I do live in Green Bay and it is pretty cool to run into a Green Bay Packer every once in a while! Anyway, the person I’ve always dreamed of meeting is a gal a lot like myself. She’s a real mom. And, she loves to cook. And, she cooks my kind of food! She happens to have a great website too! Like me, she’s also a cookbook author, TV host, and a blogger. When it comes to food bloggers, she’s a total rock star! I’ve been a fan for years! I’m talking about The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

As you can see, I did it! I got to meet her a few days ago! I was really excited to go to a food blogging convention in Austin, Texas. I’m one of the new kids on the block when it comes to blogging so, I went to learn from other bloggers and soak it all in. I had no idea The Pioneer Woman was going to be there. I didn’t see her name on any of the agendas. But, during the welcome session of the convention, they announced she would be hosting the big closing party Saturday night. Are you serious? Wow! I just had to meet her! And, as you can see, dreams really do come true because I did it! I got to meet her!

I walked into Stubb’s, a famous BBQ place in Austin, (great ribs and mac and cheese by the way) and there she was, standing all by herself. I’ve never been shy, so I thought okay, now’s my big chance. I went right up and introduced myself. She couldn’t have been any nicer! She gave me some advice and even asked for my card. While we were talking one of her two boys came up and asked if he could have dessert. I introduced myself to her boys, who were so cute and polite too. As you can see they really enjoyed cold ice cream sandwiches on a hot summer night.

The Pioneer KidsStubbs Ribs and Mac

I’m still pinching myself. I kind of felt like a groupie asking to take a picture with her. So, thanks Ree for being such a sweetheart! I hope one day we’ll bump into each other again! Until then, I’ll keep reading your blog. If you’ve never read it friends, check it out: Fun recipes too!

So, who have you always wanted to meet? Have you been able to meet that person? Please share!

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