Santa’s Little Helper!

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Santas Little HelperOkay, so I admit it! I broke down. I was at the pet store buying our 100 pound Chocolate Lab his dog food and there it was. Santa costumes and hats for dogs. I mean really, could you just walk on by? I couldn’t help myself. For under $15 bucks I could dress Levi up as Santa. How cute! We’re having lots of guests this holiday. They all love Levi! They would really get a kick out of it! Yep, I went for it!

Then I got home and went to put it on him. Well, the X-Large just wasn’t large enough for my guy. But, good news! The hat fit! Come on Levi, let’s go take a picture. So, out we went. It was cold. It was windy. My good ‘ole boy does whatever it takes to please me. Come on, that’s why I love dogs! They are always there! Always happy and ready to please. I knew inside he was thinking, “Really!” But, he did it. I think he looks pretty darn cute! Don’t you! If dogs could talk? I’m sure there would be a few choice words! I’m glad they don’t! Okay, admit it! Did or would you dress up your dog?

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  1. He looks like such a sweetheart! Does he take swimming yet? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Amy!