Mushing and More

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When my producer told me we were going mushing, I’m like “What?” Then when she said, not only are we going mushing we’re getting up at 6 in the morning to do it was like, “Really?” Okay, I admit it, I was kind of dreading it. So, it’s pitch dark out and freezing cold out and I’m in my gorgeous, warm hotel room not wanting to leave it. The spa story we did the day before was much more appealing! Alright, let’s do this! I put on every piece of clothing I own. Okay, actually just a lot of layers.  I walk down to the lobby, looking like the Michelin Man and guess what, there’s no coffee to be found. Too early!  No way!

So  we set out, all a little caffeine deprived and grumpy, even my photographer, who’s always happy! The sun starts to come up on our drive revealing a beautiful fresh blanket of snow. It was absolutely breathtaking! A true winter wonderland! We get to our destination and there are about 2 dozen dogs and boy scouts ready for an adventure. Then, there was me still dreaming of my hotel room. Well, not for long. The passion of our host and lead musher, Jim got me a little excited too! After going through a little lesson on Dog Sledding 101, it was time! I got in the sled and off we went. The dogs took off, and I mean took off!!  Off we went through the beautiful trails, into the snowy countryside with a church steeple and other beautiful sights to see along the way. I loved it! Every minute of it!  It’s a day I’ll never forget and I can’t wait to do it again! A huge thanks to Jim and his wife and the folks at The Siberian Outpost outside of Elkhart Lake, WI. What fun! You need to go mushing too!

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