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She’s always wanted to do it but was never quite tall enough. I remember being in Las Vegas at New York, New York. My daughter, Ireland wanted to ride that roller coaster on top of the hotel so bad. She even stuffed tissue in her shoes. No go. She she’s didn’t meet the height requirement and was turned away. Not this time!

While in the Dells, she was begging to go to Mt. Olympus to ride the HUGE wooden roller coasters. Okay, I gave in. I really didn’t think she’d be tall enough but, we’d give it a try. Well, she was! Here she is standing in front of Hades after her first big ride. This is no ordinary roller coaster! It goes 70 MPH and makes a 65 foot drop. Way too scary for me! But, not her! She loved it so much she went again! She tried out the other coasters at the park too. Oh, my! I think I’ve got a daredevil in the family! HELP! Have you ridden any of these big coasters? Would you?

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    bev krake

    July 1st, 2011 at 11:37 AM

    Where at mt olmp. just did the water rides. Brianne wanted to go on that same roller coaster, but , we were to afraid to let her go on it , I suppose some day, she is 13 …. Ive went on 1 roller coaster in FL , those rides are just not for me. When I just watch those roller coasters they scare me and almost make me feel sick, so Im preetty sure Illl never be on one again.

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