We Pigged Out!

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I LOVE good BBQ! Not the kind with a lot of sauce. I’m talking about the real stuff! You know the stuff that is smoked low and slow with wood. Now, that’s BBQ! We’ll guess what, we found some.

And, no we didn’t have to go to Texas to get it! It was right here in Wisconsin. Ireland and I were in Door County this week. Let me tell you, we picked the perfect week too. The weather was picture perfect! Anyway, you know me, when I go out of town, it’s all about the food! Where’s a good place to eat? I always ask the locals. And, they steered me right this trip! We stayed at the Egg Harbor Lodge, which is AMAZING by the way! More about that place another time. Anyway, the owners Sarah and her hubby said, you can’t go wrong with Casey’s, right down the road in Egg Harbor. They were so right! You can’t miss it. It’s the big white building with the pig in front. It’s not fancy but BBQ places aren’t supposed to be. When they brought the homemade corn bread muffins and cinnamon butter to the table I knew this place was going to be good!

First, we had to sample their award winning beef brisket chili. DELISH! Can’t wait to go back in Fall for a big bowl with all the fixings! The waitress told us they are known for their smoked ribs, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork. The meat is smoked with real cherry wood from Door County. Okay, so we had to try it all. Don’t worry it wasn’t just Ireland and me. My producer and photographer were there to help too. It was a work trip, but we managed to squeeze some fun in too! Anyway, back to the food.

The ribs were perfect! Just the way I like them. Very lightly sauced so you can really taste the smoked ribs. The pulled pork was fantastic too! My producer Abbey raved about the smoked chicken and bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp skewers. I’ll have to try those next time. I was just too full. Each BBQ meal comes with a couple sides too. What to choose? Well, I made everybody get something different so we could try a bunch of them. Let’s just say they were top notch! From the creamy coleslaw, to the homemade buttermilk ranch dressing on the salad. Yum! Then it was on to the southern style green beans with bacon and the homemade mac ‘n cheese. Ireland loved the fried cream corn nuggets. Let’s just say you won’t leave this place hungry. Thank goodness there was a fridge in our room for our doggie bags. But, no doggie is getting these leftovers! Sorry Levi! Thanks to everybody at Casey’s who was so nice! They even took our picture on the way out in front of the pig. Can’t wait to go back! Have you been to Caseys? Have you had your picture taken with the pig? Where are your favorite places to eat in Door County? Keep checking my blog to see some of the other great spots we found in Door County! It was a really fun trip!

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  1. Tom Stark says:

    Lived in Egg Harbor sense the early 80’s. I’ve seen many restaurants come and go but this one is here to stay, just try the pulled pork and you will know your at a special place! Dont forget about Ruby’s lunch special also, another good one.

    Tom Stark

  2. Cathy Leschman says:

    I LoVe Caseys!!! The Pork is my fav!!! My family also loves The English Inn. Great steaks,interesting Friday fish fry,where you can pick from many types of fish, and the best part…HoT BaCoN DrEsSiNg !!