Mom, I Didn’t Do It!

Tree Down

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We were all done! The lights were strung. The ornaments were hung. The house was all decked out for the holidays! It looked so pretty! I just love this time of year! I was in Milwaukee cooking up some of my favorite holiday recipes. All was going great! And, then I got the call. My college aged son Riley walked into the house and this is what he walked into.

Our 18 foot Christmas tree was no longer standing tall in our living room. While everyone was out, it decided to come tumbling down. Timberrr!!!!! Poor Arlo, the dog. Can you imagine the sound when the tree came crashing down? Yikes! SCARY! When I got home from Milwaukee, Arlo just looked at me and then looked at the tree as if he was saying “Mom, I didn’t do it!”. It’s okay, I know you didn’t Arlo.

This year the theme of our tree was “Winter Sleigh Ride”. There was an actual old sled in the tree. It looked so cool! Who knows if that caused it to topple over or if it was just not in the stand right. Who knows! Oh well, it’s Christmas. You can’t sweat the small stuff, right?

Put Tree Back Up

We had some good friends help put it all back together again. Thanks Rhonda and Patrick and Patti and Joe! We couldn’t have done it without you all!

Beautiful Christmas Tree

I’m happy to report that it’s all better now! It looks really beautiful! As you can see, Arlo has also recovered. And, trust me, that tree is not going anywhere now. It’s all wired up! Lesson learned. We are doing that every year!

Ireland and Friends in Front of the Tree

Here’s a picture of my daughter, Ireland on the left with a couple of her friends in front of the tree.

Have you ever had your tree fall over?

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  1. A heavy duty metal stand from Taylor Creek is what you need.

  2. Yes, twice! One year on Christmas Eve, right when we were starting to open gifts. We started tying it to the wall with fishing line and my husband bolted our tree stand to a big piece of plywood, he cut the plywood into a circle and my tree skirt covers it. Your tree tree looks beautiful!

  3. Same thing happened to us. Glad you were calming your nerves with a glass of wine…you deserve it Amy. Thanks for sharing…it has happened to the best of us! It will make for an interesting family story to share. Which is what Christmas is all about!.

  4. Suzie Mitchell says:

    One year on Christmas morning we were all sitting around opening presents and the tree just toppled over! It bounced! We all looked like we were playing “frozen tag.” Apparently it was the stand and it looks like your stand. It was plastic, so we took it off and went downstairs and got the old metal one.

  5. Kathy Sell says:

    Yes our first Christmas, had to put the bowling ball in the bag in the back of the tree & tied it to that!1963 !

  6. Judy Timber says:

    Haha! Yes, I’ve had a rather large tree come down.
    Our first son was about 15 months old when Christmas came around and he was given his first candy cane and he loved it, so much so I had to remove the canes. Apparently I forgot one near the top that he spotted, and so he tried to climb the tree and crash!
    Fortunately angels were watching over him and he was not hurt, I then used the fishing line to secure the tree.
    He’s 30 now and we still talk about that day; as long as no one is hurt mishaps make for great stories.
    Thank you for sharing yours, the tree is beautiful!

  7. karen schroeder says:

    If you have any sort of animal in the house ALWAYS secure tree with fishing line to wall, window, rod. It’s a given. Every animal owner knows this!

  8. Wade Lee Haron says:

    May I offer you a suggestion? Unfortunately, it’s goung to require putting some small holes in the wall. What I suggest is taking some fishing line because it’s virtually invisible. Cut 2 or 3 strings long enough to wrap around the tree toward the top a few times and stretch taught to a hook in the wall in 2 or 3 locations. I have always used 3 and visualize a circle somewhere arround the top portion of the tree and divide that circle into thirds. I wish I had pictures to show you but I don’t. I hope this makes sense and I hope this helps. Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year with continued success!