Making Tennis Dreams Come True in Bermuda!

Tennis in Bermuda

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Tennis in BermudaI had to pinch myself a few times this weekend! Are you serious, is this really happening? Do you recognize the two women with me? The lady in black is a three-time Grand Slam mixed doubles champion and an Olympic gold medalist. The lady in turquoise won 20 career doubles titles and has coached some of the nation’s top young tennis players. What an honor to hang out with a couple of tennis “rock stars”, Zina Garrison and Katrina Adams! And, get this, we are in the gorgeous country of Bermuda! Okay, it’s not too bad! LOL!

Tennis in Bermuda 2So, what in the world is The Cooking Mom doing here? Good question! Besides cooking, you may not know that I love tennis! I played as a kid. I was fortunate because my grandmother bought me a racquet and paid for my lessons. I played on the high school tennis team but, after college I was busy working and having kids, and gave it up. That is until a few years ago. Something was just missing in my life. I always wanted to get back in the game. So one day I decided to, like the Nike commercial says, “Just Do It!”

Tennis in Bermuda 3I’m so happy I did! Not to mention, I needed to find a fun way to exercise after all that food I’m always cooking! Anyway, enough about me! Zina, Katrina, The Honorable Mayor David Dinkens of New York, and I are all here in Bermuda for a really cool charity event! It’s all about getting racquets, tennis shoes, and lessons for kids who otherwise couldn’t afford them. They have some seriously good young tennis players here in Bermuda! The Bermuda Tennis Development Foundation raises money to make tennis dreams come true! To see kids playing tennis just warms my heart! I’m enjoying every minute of my time here! It’s a dream come true for me too because I even got a lesson from Zina and Katrina. Both ladies are super cool and down to earth!

After all that tennis, a girl has to eat, right? I am in search of the best food on the island. I’m asking the locals and I’ll let you know what I find. I have found a lot of men wearing Bermuda shorts! Have you been here before?

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  1. Amy Hanten says:

    Thanks ladies! It’s a trip I’ll never forget! -Amy

  2. Charlene Simons says:

    I am so glad you had a great time in Bermuda. I’m also glad that you didn’t think it robbery to take time out of your busy schedule to come and help out the young people of Bermuda interested in Tennis. God Bless You!

  3. Shirley stadler says:

    Looks like you are having the time of your life while helping with a great cause! Go amy!