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So, it’s my birthday last Saturday and we’re driving home from Ireland’s dance competition in Chicago. I was with my girlfriend and her daughter, who also dances. We were all starving, tired after a LONG day, and it was getting late. We see a Texas Road House off the highway. Perfect! I don’t normally do chains but this place is good. From hand cut steaks to real mashed potatoes and homemade salad dressings too. Not to mention those incredible warm rolls and that cinnamon butter! (I totally need that recipe!) Anyway, we were kind of grubby but we thought, what the heck, who cares, nobody knows us here. So, we’re having a great dinner and next thing you know I hear, “It’s somebody’s birthday!!!” It’s the entire wait staff at my table. NO WAY! NOT ME! ARE YOU SERIOUS? HOW DID THEY KNOW? Must have been when I went to the bathroom. Should I crawl under the table and hide? All eyes are on me. Well, what the heck. Let’s go with it. Get on that birthday saddle and have fun with it! YEE HAW! Life is too short to get embarrassed about anything!! Who cares if you have no makeup on? Just laugh and have fun. So, I did! I got a free brownie out of it too! Have any of you guys ridden the birthday saddle or have a story like that? Do tell!

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