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We did D.C.!

We did D.C.!

We Did D.C.It was my first time. The kid’s and my mom’s too! I’ve always wanted to go. Well, we did it! We only had a few days but we managed to see quite a bit of Washington, DC. It helped that our hotel, The Liason, was in a great location, right near the capitol. Comfy shoes and we were ready to rock and roll!

We Did D.C. 3We started with the Capitol building. It helps when a friend works for a Wisconsin congressman! We got a personal tour! The building is gorgeous! We even got to go into the gallery and see the house floor! Next, it was time to go to the Smithsonian. We picked the American Art Museum. The portraits of the presidents are amazing! From the Library of Congress to the Supreme Court, and the Jefferson Memorial, we saw it! Not to mention The White House! Is it just me or does it seem smaller than it looks on TV?

We Did D.C. 2Have you seen it? Have you been to DC? We did a ton of walking. Every once in a while my mom and Ireland had to sit down and take a break. It was a great time but, now it’s time to hit the road! Check back to see where we are headed next!

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