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The Perfect Pizza

Sometimes The Cooking Mom just doesn’t feel like cooking!  We’ve all had those days! You know the ones I’m talking about. The days when all you have the energy to do is pick up the phone and order a pizza.  Actually, my son is a pizzaholic.  I’m not sure if that’s a real word, but he’s addicted, no question!  If it were up to him we’d have pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One year we even took a pizza vacation, or at least we tried to. We couldn’t afford a real Spring break vacation, so I had the bright idea of taking a pizza tour of Chicago. We would to go to The Windy City for a few days,  go to a few museums, and eat at a bunch of pizza places.  At the end of the trip as a family we’d vote to see which pizza we liked the best.  I Googled Chicago’s best pizza joints, got a hotel and we were ready to roll. One problem! After our first night of pizza, we got back to the hotel and Riley, my pizza loving son, had a fever. We’re talking a high fever. We did a Walgreen’s run and we were up all night with him. Enough of that. We checked out of the hotel and headed home. Good thing! He had pneumonia!  Our pizza tour got cut short, but I can’t wait to do it again some day!

My ultimate pizza, the one I dream about, comes from a small mom and pop joint in Cleveland, Ohio.  My husband, Bob, is from Cleveland.  His family has been getting pizza from Mama Santos in part of Cleveland called Little Italy for years. He brought me there while we were dating in college. Yep, it’s the real deal!  Good stuff!  Thin, but not too thin.  Really crispy crust. Homemade Italian sausage. The perfect amount of cheese and sauce. And, cheap too! Back in the day it was about $5.00 for a large. It’s not much more than that now. We always wanted to take the kids there. We finally did over the holidays. Here we are with Bob’s sister, and brother-in law and their kids. You can’t see me because I’m taking the picture. It was such a fun night seeing all the kids loving the pizza we’d told them about for years.  Maybe it’s more than just the pizza that I’m in love with. Lots of great memories too.  When I can’t have Mama Santos pizza, I do love the pizza from Josephine’s in Howard, WI. I also really like Frank and Pat’s in Green Bay and for a more gourmet pizza with fancy toppings, Wild Truffle Pizza in Appleton is really good too! What’s your favorite pizza place and memory? I’ll go anywhere for good pie!

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