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Soup Lady of Jamaica

She was on the side of the road and we just had to stop! We were in Jamaica and it wasn’t exactly cold but, it was pouring down rain. Perfect soup weather. There she was stirring her kettle filled with piping hot pumpkin soup. I know, when you think Jamaica you normally think jerk chicken or peas and rice, not soup, right? Well, actually they eat a lot of soup in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, they also eat a lot of pumpkin! It’s not just a fall thing there. They grow and eat pumpkins all year round.

Anyway back to the soup. AMAZING! What was in it? I’m not 100 percent sure but, I think a little shrimp, pumpkin, heavy cream, and spices. I’ve been dreaming of that soup (and going back to Jamaica!) ever since. Nothing fancy, just a styrofoam cup and a plastic spoon on the side of the road on a rainy day. WOW! Was it good! So, you know me, I had to try to find a quick easy way to make pumpkin soup at home. So, here you go! Canned pumpkin, heavy cream and in under 20 minutes it’s done. Not quite the same as the soup lady in Jamaica but a wonderful fall soup, great for Thanksgiving too! Enjoy!

Do you have memories of some of the best soup you’ve ever tasted?  If you have any good soup recipes please share!

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