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Singing in Spring!

Singing in Spring!

Singing in SpringMore and more I’m beginning to realize, it’s all about the little things! My daughter Ireland is in her school choir. They’ve been practicing for months and this week was the spring concert. Talk about magic! It’s real life Glee! Middle school band members just learning to play. Yes, a little off key but they sure sounded sweet to me! The choir sang their hearts out! The opening number was “Here Comes the Sun”! What a great way to celebrate spring!

My hat goes off to all the teachers who work so hard to put all this stuff together! Good thing I had my tissues! Yes, there were a few tears of joy! I just couldn’t help myself! And, it wasn’t just me. I think I caught Bob tearing up a bit too! It’s a night like this that makes you realize how good life is! Don’t you agree? They grow up so quickly! I can’t believe she’ll be in 8th grade next year!

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    Joie Baldock

    May 5th, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    Hey Amy,
    Yes, they do grow up too fast. Two of my grandkids are at their Prom tonight. Can’t believe it. They were just babies last month!!!! That is why we always have to cherish every minute because it passes way too quickly. Take gentle care. Joie/Kiel

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