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Presto Paninis!

Presto PaninisNeed to put together a quick, we’re talking super quick dinner or lunch? What about making paninis! My kids love them. Actually me too! Come, on what’s not to love. A warm, toasty, pressed sandwich. It’s like a grown-up grilled cheese. Plus, it’s a great way to use leftovers! I had my very first panini 12 years ago. I only know that because I was pregnant with my daughter, Ireland. I was in Hawaii on a work trip. Not a bad gig, by the way. Anyway, we were headed home and I figured instead of airport food, I’d grab a sandwich from a little place across from our hotel. That was it! I was hooked! When panini sandwich grills first came out they were expensive. Way over my budget! So, instead of the grill, I just used a skillet and I would make paninis by pressing the bread together with another heavy skillet. Then, one day about 5 years ago I spotted a panini grill for about fifty bucks. I had to go for it! I taught the kids how to use it and 5 years later we still use it all the time.

Got leftover chicken or steak? Slice it thin, throw some cheese on two pieces of bread, grill it, and you’ve got a panini. We come up with new panini recipes all the time. One of my favorites is a Chicken Pesto Panini! They are a great way to get those kids cooking! Have any good panini recipes? Please share!

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