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Nice Guy

Nice Guy

I get to meet all sorts of people because of my job. It’s pretty cool! Well, recently I got to travel with a team of local chefs out to Seattle. They got chosen to compete in “The Ultimate Tailgate” show on Food Network. Lucky me got to tag along. The show is hosted by celebrity chef Guy Fieri. So it’s the day of the taping and there are dozens of crew members, and hundreds of fans gathered outside the Seattle Seahawks stadium. We’re all just waiting for Guy to show up so we can get this show on the road. In comes this big black SUV with tinted windows, cameras flashing. It kind of felt like the red carpet on Oscar night. Out comes Guy who is then quickly whisked away to a trailor for hair and makeup. I’m thinking they sent me all the way out here and I’m never going to get this interview. Well, I did! After the taping was done, I went right up to him and introduced myself. I said, “Hey can you give me just a minute? If I go back without an interview with you I’m toast.” He was actually super cool! Got the interview for my show and a picture too. Moral of the story. Go for it! What do you have to lose?

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