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My Little Ballerina

It was a weekend full of dance. My 11 year-old daughter, Ireland just had her big end of the year dance recital. Three days, 5 shows, and 16 dances. WOW! We did it! Actually, she did it! All I had to do was make sure her hair was perfect. I have to say I’m getting better at that “bun thing” thanks to lots of hair spray and bobby pins. The other moms helped with the make-up. I’m still learning that. Those false eyelashes are tricky! No way I’m ready for that yet! I’m scared I’ll glue her eyes shut. Anyway, lots of proud mom moments. From ballet, to tap, and jazz, Ireland danced her heart out. I have no idea where she picked up this talent. Certainly, not from me. I’m a seriously bad dancer! Bob’s mom flew in from Cleveland for the weekend to see the shows. We managed to grab a few nice dinners together in between performances. It was great to see her. Now, Ireland gets to hang up her dance shoes and relax for a couple weeks until practice starts again for next year.

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