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Making Fresh Fruit Kabobs with Dip on TV in Milwaukee!

Making Fresh Fruit Kabobs with Dip on TV in Milwaukee!

Fruit Kabobs in Milwaukee

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Are you like me? Are you always trying to get your kids and your hubby to eat more fruits and veggies? Everything tastes better on a stick, right? I think so! So, will your kids! Trust me! Instead of just giving your kids a piece of fruit in their lunch bags, why not throw in a fruit kabob or two and maybe a fun fruit dip, too! Better yet, have them help make these!

My pretty Green Fruit Kabobs with green apples, green grapes, bananas and kiwi are not only gorgeous but they taste great too! Dip the apples and bananas in lemon, orange, lime juice, or even 7-Up and they’ll look fresh and pretty for hours!

Want a fun dip to serve with these beauties? Try my quick and easy Key Lime Fruit Dip! If you like key lime pie, you’ll love this! Do you have any fun fruit or veggie dips? If so, please share!

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