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Learning to Cook Jamaican Style

Cooking Jamaican StyleIt’s time to say goodbye to the wonderful people we met this week in Jamaica. You know you’ve had a good vacation when you’re relaxed, a little sunburned and missing home! I can hardly wait to give the kids and Levi, the dog, a great big hug! I am bringing back some great memories and recipes too! One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to get in the kitchen and do some cooking with some chefs here in Jamaica. You know me, I’m always looking for new recipes! One of my favorite Jamaican dishes is Rice and Peas. I think I had it just about every night! It’s a simple dish but, it’s so good! Easy and cheap to make too! They call it rice and peas but, it’s really rice and beans with a few other ingredients. One of the villa cooks here, Marika Dunn, invited me into the kitchen so I could watch and learn. Cooking Jamaican Style 2What fun! Because we don’t have access to all the ingredients she uses to make hers, I took her recipe and tweaked it a bit so that now all of us can make it at home. Have you ever had rice and peas? If not, you need to try it! It makes a great side dish with grilled or baked chicken. I promise to share some more recipes from the trip later. Now, time to pack up and head home. What a great trip but, it’s time to go. Hopefully we’ll be back again one day!

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