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How ‘bout them Apples?

I like apples. I really do! But, I’m in love with caramel apples! Even better, the apples dunked in caramel and drizzled in chocolate and dipped in fancy toppings! Talk about the perfect Fall dessert! I found these beauties at a place called Swiss Maid Fudge in Wisconsin Dells. Not only do they make great fudge, but they find a way to hand dip EVERYTHING in chocolate! From pretzels dipped in chocolate and then M & M’s, to chocolate dipped Oreos and so much more. This place even does chocolate covered bacon! Yep, you heard right! (Did you catch that blog?) What caught my eye were these amazing apples! From Reeses covered to caramel and nuts, M & M’s and chocolate, and even one that tastes like apple pie. These are seriously good & gourmet! Tough to eat a whole one by yourself, so why not slice up a few to share for dessert at your Fall dinner party!

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