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Fun Times at the Farm Market!

Fun Times at the Farm Market!

Fun Times at the Farm MarketOkay, I admit it! I love to shop! And, I love getting a good deal! Come on who doesn’t? That’s probably why I love farm markets! They sure beat the mall! Up near our cottage is a place called Bill’s Farm Market. Have you been there? It’s in Petoskey, Michigan and it’s one of my favorite places in the whole wide world! It’s so beautiful! They grow their own flowers and a lot of their own produce too! Ireland and I love to load up on all the fresh fruit and veggies! This time she brought her friend, Caroline along. They were determined to find the most magnificent watermelon. I think they did it!

Besides the melon, I left with a bouquet of gladiolas, baby cucumbers, big, ripe beautiful tomatoes and loads of fresh herbs. All for under $15. Now, that’s what I’m taking about! Love it! Can’t wait to get back to the cottage and cook up some memories! Do you have a favorite farm market? Please share some of your farm market recipes and I’ll share some of mine too, so check back soon!
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    August 5th, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    You and mom look like you are having a good time…………you are almost as tall as she is……………and Levi looks like he would be taller than both of you!!!
    Love from Rich

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