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Freshman Orientation!

Freshman Orientation!

Wow, things have changed since I went to college! I remember my parents dropping me off at college. They moved me into my dorm at Marquette, said goodbye, and that was that. Things are different nowdays.  My son, Riley had Freshman orientation at St. Norbert College this week. He was nervous, but excited. So were we!  Two days of meetings for both the parents and the kids. Everything from picking out his classes to picking a meal plan. Speaking of meals, hello, I want to go back to college! From an espresso machine, to an ice cream sundae bar, a panini grill, fresh pizza and pasta stations and a huge, beautiful soup and salad bar. This isn’t the cafeteria food I struggled to choke down. Riley even got to spend the night in the dorm. Overall, it was a great experience. We got our questions answered and I think we’re ready for the “real deal” come August.  The next time we’re here we’ll be moving him in. Glad it’s still a couple months away!

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    Kay Bauer

    June 22nd, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    St. Norbert College is a great school! Our daughter graduated in May 2011. We felt the freshman orientation prepared our daughter and us for the transition so well. She graduated in 4 years and by the end of Aug. 2011 accepted a position in her field of Marketing. She did 2 internships on campus in the Parent and Alumni Office and that experience prepared her well for her current position. As her parents, we also felt very comfortable that she was safe walking around campus. Enjoy the next 4 years they go even faster than high school.

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