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First Snow!

Ready or not, here it comes! It’s our first taste of winter in Wisconsin. Yikes! I went to work in the morning and it was raining. After work it was kind of a mix of rain and slush. I went to play tennis, came out of the racquet club and it was coming down pretty hard. Big white snowflakes! I was in my tennis clothes. Brrrr!!! When I got home our lawn was covered in a blanket of snow. Seems a little wet to make a snowman but Ireland and Levi just had to venture for a bit to play in the first snow. Sure is pretty to look at from inside! The house smells amazing, a warm Pot Roast is in the oven. The perfect dinner on a cold, snowy day! What are you making? Do you have any fun first snow stories? Any good snow days recipes? Please share.

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