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Dog Days of Summer

Just got back from a lovely weekend at the cottage. All girls except for Levi, the dog. Bob had to stay home to do some work and get my son Riley ready for a week long cross country running camp at UW Stevens Point. I went up to the cottage to hang out with my mom, my daughter Ireland and my nieces. What fun we had! What did we do? A bunch of nothing! Played a little tennis with some of my gal tennis pals of there. We went to the beach. But, that’s about it. Love it! No plans! We just hung out on my front porch and read and relaxed! We also had a couple of nice dinners with my mom and the girls. I don’t get to see my mom often. She and my dad and my sister and her family live in Arizona so, it’s been really nice to have them. My mom also brought her dog, Daisy. Despite their difference in size (Daisy weighs about 8 pounds, Levi about 98 pounds) they are getting along great as you can see. They are so cute, I just had to snap a picture! The dogs love lounging around on our front porch too. They are enjoying every minute of summer. Hope you are too! What did you do this weekend? Make any good dinners?

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